So I’m starting a new job next week, one with a lot of international travel.  One friend commented that she would have to start reading my blog again, to which I replied, “I’m going to have to start WRITING my blog again.”  And in reality I do want to document my travels, and see no reason not to share that with you.

So first, the Job.  A headhunter called a couple of months ago… now I get calls from headhunters every few months or so.  Generally the job isn’t right, the time isn’t right, or they want me to move, etc.  This one came at the right time.  Frankly, Mike and I had a very rough year, and we were considering splitting up.  I knew I would need more money to survive on my own, so I listened.  The recruiter said 50% international travel.  Humm, I was very intrigued.  Having traveled a lot as a kid,  I missed it.  I always wondered if my career choice was poor because I never had an employer that offered international travel before.

Then he said 50% from home… the magic word, I would not have to move.  He also said it was a job with IBM, which without saying means great benefits, great salary, and long term security.  This kept looking better.

The second interview my interviewer was someone I knew, although I didn’t realize it until he called.  He said, “Phyllis, I was so excited to see your resume come across my desk, how long has it been anyway”…. “Umm… gee… ah, well I haven’t been to an IBM conference for about 3-4 years, I guess it’s been that long”.  He said “Yes, I guess so.”  Big breath of relief.  The interview went smashingly, he didn’t keep me as long as he was supposed to because he “already knew my work”!  Cool!

The third interview went well, and in closing she said I would have a fourth interview, face to face, and they would fly me out (somewhere) in the next 2 weeks.  This posed a small problem because I was getting ready to drive across country with my Mom.  We were leaving 4 days later and would be gone 3 weeks.  But, I decided I would just have to get to the nearest airport and make it work.  When the email came asking me to fly to Herndon VA, (just outside of Washington DC) on June 19th for the interview, I pulled out my itinerary, and guess where I was going to be driving within 8 miles of on June 19th… Herndon, VA.  I told them I didn’t need a flight because I’d be driving to the interview.  If they could just put me up in a hotel that would be nice!  They said “Wait, driving? We thought you lived in Colorado!”  Too funny.  The interview went well.

So, because of all the above, I think this job and I were meant to be together!  I start on August 3rd and my first day will be back in Herndon for onboarding.  Not sure when and what will follow, but I plan to write about each trip.

A major focus this last year, skiing!  Mike hit 42 days (I only made 38 )!
For both of us it was more than we have skied any season in our life.

In the meantime, a few amazing things have been happening in my life, not the least of which is that Mike has done a lot of work on himself this year (as have I), and when I returned from the travels with my Mom, he announced that he would really like to commit back to the relationship.  This is HUGE.  There had been many years where he had been undecided, but the reality is we have too many good things going for us to break up over “the small stuff”.  We both now agree on this point and while it doesn’t mean there will not be further trials (what couple avoids those) we both feel a renewed life to our relationship and are no longer living in doubt.  A new start for us also.   Ahh!!   Life is good, the stars have aligned, and I’m looking forward to the future and plan to share that with you.

Postscript : I forgot to mention that the headhunter found me through Linked in.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Again a lot of people find me through Linked in, but he picked me out because I had been at the International School of Geneva, Switzerland for 6 months when I was 11.  Recently I have been looking for any classmates I may have known and thus listed it on my Linked in page.  The recruiter saw that and knew that I had international travel experience, and thought I could handle the travel in the job…… Wow, you just never know!  Social media comes through again in a big way.

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  1. Wow Phyl, Congrats on the new wonderful turn about in you life.
    I am really excited for you.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

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