As I was writing the last post I was flying home for Thanksgiving.  We spent Thanksgiving at my sister, Monica’s house and my parents joined us.  We had a great relaxing weekend, games, puzzles, good food, good company, and of course Black Friday Shopping!

Nai meeting Romeo at Monica’s ranch.

Pertaining to the latter, Nai had expressed an interest in Black Friday shopping, so Mike told him I would be happy to take him!  I actually don’t mind… it’s kind of fun to get up early, find a great deal and get home by breakfast.  My only objection is that Black Friday keeps leaking over into Thursday.   Nai looked through the ads and found a few things he wanted to go after.  Trouble is we had to go to Best by at 5pm on Thanksgiving day.  We were out shopping until about 9pm, while the family was home eating pie.  I think that is the last time I do that!  Boycotting Black Thursday from now on!  On the bright side, Nai got his shopping done, and that evening the facebook posts from all his friends started coming in.  Turns out if we had not gone, Nai would have felt like he missed out on some American experience… What a reputation we have around the world!  Our exchange student from Pakistan in 2012 (Mahnoor) told us this year they are starting to celebrate Black Friday in Pakistan… a country that is not Christian, therefore does not celebrate Christmas.. nor Thanksgiving.  Very strange.

Anyhow, got home and decorated for the holidays, took Nai skiing a couple of times, although basketball continues to consume most of his free time.  I did manage to avoid work travel through December and now January too, I will start travelling again in a couple of weeks.  While I was home watching the fort, Mike was able to get away to visit his son, Dan at his new house in Eastern Montana.  Both Lockheed and IBM encouraged us to take off the two weeks of Christmas/New Years.. the same weeks of Nai’s Winter Break, so we headed out to Phoenix for Christmas.

Donna and Sonja Brett    –     Victor and John Brett

We stopped in Albuquerque for 3 nights first to have a small Christmas celebration with my girls and my parents.  Then on to Mike’s son Josh’s house in Apache Junction to meet the new grandbaby and play with the other.  I took one day to go down to Tucson and visit Donna Brett again.  As a special bonus Mike’s son Jed, flew down to join us and we had a chance to have Christmas, and go out on the boat (although it really was too cold) and go hunting for quail.  The final evening we were there, we babysat for Josh and Carla who went out to dinner on a “date” but returned shortly after as sleep seemed like a higher priority.  With a 4 month old, a three year old, and 2 full time jobs… well.. it’ll get easier.

In Tucson I got a treat to ride in Fritz (John’s long time best friend and current neighbor…
.. and my friend from back in the day) 1917 Hupmobile.

We drove back home on Dec 28 because at that high time for skiing, Mike had to work every other day for the next two weeks.  He has been completely surprised how much he is enjoying teaching.. he never expected it.  There is great satisfaction in helping someone go from ground zero to getting down the hill on their own.  Most of his students and beaming by the end of the day and he gets plenty of appreciation.  Although, now he is finally happy to have 2 days in a row off!!

Josh and Carla


Mike, Jed, and Kaylee

In a weird turn of events, Jed flew home from Phoenix Sunday early morning, and decided to drive out to see us on Monday.  So he and Mike got to ski one day, and he skied while Mike worked one day, before he left on New Years Eve morning.  We were so glad to have in out for the first time to our house in Fairplay.

Monica came up later that day to ring in the New Year with us.  David, her husband, was sick and could not join us.  But we didn’t let that stop us from playing games non-stop for a day and a half.   Then we met up with a realtor in Breckenridge for the afternoon before she headed home.  One idea being kicked around is that we might move to the other side of the mountain, into Summit county, and open a BnB again.  We don’t really want to buy a house though, and Monica and David want to invest a little equity into something, so they may buy a house that we can rent and run a BnB in.  Sounds interesting, we’ll see if it pans out.

The following weekend (last weekend) Monica came back and my girlfriend, Cathy, came up from Canon City and we went to an art class at our favorite local studio.  We learned alcohol inks painting.  Always great fun.  Monica got us introduced to Zentangle while we were at her house at Thanksgiving.. we even came up with Zentangle Christmas tree ornaments, so we also did a little of that while we were having our “art” weekend.

On Sundays through the Christmas season we have enjoyed watching the Broncos become the AFC West champions.  We still do not have TV service, but when I started with IBM the phone provided required I change to Verizon service, which includes an NFL mobile app to watch the games.  I bought cables to watch it from the phone onto the TV, but alas they don’t allow that, so every Sunday Mike and I have been huddling round my phone to watch the game!  It’s not as bad as it seems, and I’m finding myself looking forward to it.

Also managed to get out and buy a new car last week…. Mike’s been keeping his eye out for a beamer.

So now the Christmas decorations must come down and the attentions returned to professional endeavors.  Along with the sadness that accompanies the end of the holidays, I can honestly say 2015 was such a tumultuous year that I am more than ready to kick that out the door and welcome 2016 and all it has to offer with open arms!!

Happy New Year!

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  1. awesome Blog, I am back in Colorado and have my house on the Market hopping to move deeper in the Mountains to. love your Art, inspirations and so Glad Mike is liking teaching. thank you for the update. I know 2016 is going to be full of surprises for me to. Have a great New Year Deb d.

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