Phyllis... On the PierI traveled to California (Costa Mesa, in the greater LA valley) a few weeks ago. It struck me that there were a lot of things that seem strange to me.. Does this mean I’ve been traveling too often and too far?

  • I got on a plane in the morning, and by noon the same day I was at my destination.
  • As I walked through the airport, everyone was speaking English (Yes! in LA. I know crazy, right?)
  • In the elevator, 1 means ground floor!
  • If I forget to bring something with me, I might actually consider going to a store and buying something that is familiar to me!
  • Fox news on the TV.

Those things seriously struck me as odd.. and made me think twice.  A bit sarcastically I can add the following items as strange feeling things :


  • I can walk on the beach or other public places without being afraid for my life.Yellow Fever
  • I don’t need to worry about black fly bites that are going to make me itch and break out or worse for weeks.
  • Similarly no Yellow fever scare.
  • I took my drone with me and flew it on the beach (Many countries have restrictions against bringing drones with you… haven’t risked it yet).

And of course I should not forget items that I miss (not strange), while traveling in the US.


All joking aside.

Phyllis and Jackie - Nice not strange

It was nice to go on a trip in the US.  God Bless the USA!  I was taking a management course, and it was great to do something completely different for a change  (plus I love personal development).  Perhaps that by definition makes it strange.

And finally it was in my good friend Jackie Zev’s neighborhood, so she came down for the afternoon, we walked on the beach, flew the drone, and had dinner…. Not to mention pin up the dress I had made for her so I could go home and hem it up…  Nice trip.


Newport Beach - Beautiful, not strange


Jackie's Dress - Fun, not strange
Jackie’s Dress

On a separate note.. dress related.

Last week was the 2018 National Square Dance Convention in Kansas City.  I missed it again this year, because of our plans to be in Alaska.  Jackie was there and wearing the new dress.  The dress is made in the new fabric choice of the square dance group we belong to.. the Rowdy Crew.  Here’s the photo of the whole gang below.. Now that can be called strange!!  Many had outfits from the same material, but none as cool as Jackie’s dress…. if I do say so myself!

The Rowdy Crew 2018
The Rowdy Crew 2018

2 thoughts on “Things that seem strange to me”

  1. I love pao de quiejo. I have not made that for a long time. I must admit, I do not make it for breakfast.

    The dress is very nice!


  2. The dress is awesome! Next year we will dance together in matching outfits, right? Of course right!

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