Well, I have not posted to Phyl’s Journey for 3 years, since I left IBM. This blog was dedicated to travel that Mike was not included in, and travel away from the RV. I do have some trouble compartmentalizing my life like that, but Mike insists that there are people interesting in one topic but not the other. It’s time. I am reviving the blog.

Carnivore Incentive

I almost revived it a couple of months ago to journal my carnivore journey. Renaming it “Phyl’s Carnivore Journey”. But while that is a true “journey” on it’s own. It doesn’t seem robust enough to write a whole blog about (although many do). But yet, it is very personal to my journey and currently doesn’t involve Mike. I think it will suffice to splatter in posts or comments about my carnivore journey on this blog. I’ll cover that topic in it’s own post soon.

Train Trip Incentive

Next, I wanted to blog about the train trip I took across Canada with my parents and my sister. That seemed more appropriate on this site, since Mike didn’t join us. So my first post after reviving this site will be to blog about the train trip.

New Career Incentive

And finally, while on the train trip we met a woman who has made her career as a “Tour Director”. A tour director is a person that travels with tour groups to facilitate their experiences to be as smooth as possible. Immediately I was intrigued. It has been something I have contemplated for quite some time, but just didn’t know how to get started. We picked her brain, and frankly since we met I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

If I pursue being a tour director, the class will be in Denver in the upcoming months. Then with any luck, I will be travelling extensively again. I need to revive the blog.

Regardless of the reason, if you want to see all my content, please make sure you are subscribed to both blogs.

6 thoughts on “Reviving Phyl’s Journey”

  1. Wow, Phyllis! Becoming a tour director sounds really exciting. How are you going to do that while also doing RV inspections?

    1. We still love being RV Inspectors, and we still have the skill. The issue with RV Inspecting is that there is not enough work, and inconsistent work. We may have to turn down some inspections if there are schedule conflicts, but I still think there will be plenty of time to do inspections too. I guess we will see.

  2. I would love to hear about your new adventures. You are an amazing lady.

  3. Hi Hi,
    You’re such an inspiration for all the many adventures that you and Mike jumps into. I do hope the tour director gig gets up and running. Would love to see more “destinations”. Cheers!

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