SO…  Everything has it’s right time.. My life has become so compartmentalized into two different paths, 1) life in the RV, and 2) Travel with IBM, that I have decided to divide my single blog ( into two blogs one for each topic.

The site will follow my Travels with IBM, and all aspects of my life that make up my particular journey, Phyls Journey.  And because Mike’s daughter, Sara, told us many years ago that we were a likely couple because we both have itchy feet that won’t stay put, we have named our new site Itchy Feet and an RV (

But don’t worry, if you have been subscribed to Aardwolf News,  I have automatically subscribed you to both, Itchy Feet and an RV and Phyls Journey.  If you are here as a new reader please subscribe.  Wander on over to to read previous posts.

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